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Broadening the knowledge of Encephalitis in Childhood

Encephalitis in Childhood provides information for families, sign posts to services that can help and provides opportunities for families to make contact with other families and with professionals

My child is ill

  • How is Encephalitis diagnosed?
  • How is Encephalitis treated?
  • How many types of Encephalitis are there?

My child is home

  • Will my child make a full recovery?
  • What difficulties might my child be left with?
  • Where can I get help with my child's behaviour?

My child is at school

  • When should my child return to school?
  • Where can I find information for the school?
  • How do I find the right school?

My child is a teenager

  • What services can help my teenager?
  • What benefits are teenagers entitled to?
  • How will my teenager be assessed to have "capacity"?